Sailing Across a Wounded Sea

English | 2024 | ISBN-10: 3031545966 | 280 pages| Epub PDF (True) | 21.3 MB

The capacity of humans to destroy their environment is playing out like a Greek tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea. After having coexisted with a diversity of marine animals throughout their history, humans have broken the balance in recent decades, and the survival of countless marine creatures is now increasingly uncertain. However, unlike in classical tragedies, real-life entities are not necessarily doomed by their fate, and there must be hope to turn the tide in nature’s favour. Lack of concrete conservation action might be simply due to a lack of awareness: how can we feel sad about a loss if we don’t know what we are losing?
“Sailing Across a Wounded Sea” is the story of an ideal journey around the Mediterranean to meet its non-human inhabitants, consisting of real episodes collected over half a century as the author observed real animals, exchanged views with a variety of contacts, and argued for such views in the policy arena. Encountering whales, dolphins,seals and rays in their habitat and on their terms will hopefully contribute to building up in readers a collective commitment to help secure a future for these species. A future where they are allowed to flourish as they were meant to – had humans never trod so heavily on the sea’s delicate ecological balance and the interwoven natural processes.



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