Resilient Urban Environments: Planning for Livable Cities

English | 2024 | ISBN-10: 3031554817 | 396 pages| Epub PDF (True) | 101 MB

This book aims to provide evidence of the impact of climate change and urbanization on cities’ urban environments thus on human health and wellbeing; and principles and methods for the improvement of the resilience of a city to extreme weather and long-term climatic changes through case studies. The book will have three themes of 1) Understanding the adverse environmental impact on human health and wellbeing; 2) analysis of adaptation and mitigation measures through modeling technologies; 3) providing best practice examples of the implementation of the proposed measures.
The book will present the liveable cities including factors affecting liveability; ecological and biophilic city; economic values; health and well-being and opportunities for people.
Physical and social health will be an important issue in the context of resilient cities. The widespread concerns will be addressed including physical and mental health; wellbeing in terms of building use;building surroundings and Biophilia; location in the context of sustainability and work-life balance; and spatial scale and community.



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