The Book of Juju: Africana Spirituality for Healing, Liberation, and Self-Discovery

English | June 18th, 2024 | ISBN: 1454951281 | 240 pages | True EPUB | 2.67 MB

In order to know where you’re going, you must know where you’ve been.

In her debut book, podcaster, priestess, and all-around badass witch Juju Bae teaches you how to connect with your ancestors, as well as how to create a spiritual practice that respectfully incorporates their wisdom while remaining uniquely yours. It’s also the story of the necessity and vitality of Black spirituality, from the Yoruba pantheon of Ifa to the freedom-fighting origins of Black American Hoodoo. You will learn:

• History: An overview of Africana Spirituality in the United States and beyond, including information on ATRs (African Traditional Religions) like Ifa and ADRs (African Diasporan/Derived Religions) such as Hoodoo.
• Altar-building: How to create and incorporate a place to venerate and commune with your ancestors, including a guide to offerings and prayers.
• Ritual: Practices you can use to cleanse yourself and your space and attract prosperity and protection, while safely opening the channels of communication with your ancestral spirits.
• Dos and Don’ts: Tips from a spiritual practitioner on how to speak to spirits, craft the right questions for personal divination, and recognize and interpret Spirit’s advice and wisdom.

By reading this book, you are taking steps to uncover your spiritual self and gain the tools to access the wisdom of your past, to better navigate your present and future.



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